Data Center Liquidation

Datacenter provides industry leading Data Center Liquidation and network/IT asset recovery services along with data center consolidation. Our Data Center Liquidation program can assist technology-based companies with recovering the true value of used datacenter equipment in a secure and hassle-free manner. Our data center asset recovery and data center asset liquidation services include:

Network Equipment Appraisal and Valuation – Discover the current market value of your decommissioned data center equipment including routing, switching, unified computing, security and wireless network infrastructure equipment.

Nationwide Data Center Asset Recovery Inspection – We can provide on-site expert inspection of your data center equipment and infrastructure, allowing you to develop a comprehensive inventory of your networking and equipment assets including licensing, configuration, condition and warranty status.

Data Center Equipment Testing and Repair – provides professional Cisco Testing and Repair Services.’s repair department services enterprise clients around the world, leveraging a highly skilled technical team and quality assurance program.

Data Center Equipment Re-Marketing – provides a variety of Remarketing services such as secure consignment, refurbishment and resale of datacenter networking hardware.

Datacenter Equipment Recycling – Our recycling programs and other services vehicles allow us to purchase or dispose of equipment that would otherwise just sit around as excess inventory.

Contact Us Today at 877.582.4726 For A Free Nationwide Data Center Liquidation or Asset Recovery Evaluation. We’ll help you maximize your return in a professional, courteous and proactive manner. is an industry leading asset recovery specialist and datacenter equipment liquidator with a national footprint. Our engineering center and warehouse is equipped and staffed for efficient and expert handling of your datacenter equipment and IT/networking assets, and our staff or trained sales professionals provide the greatest return on your used equipment.

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