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Cisco IAD2431-8FXS will purchase, trade or consign your used and excess Cisco IAD2431-8FXS Integrated Access Devices. If you have a Cisco IAD 2431 8FXS you are interested in selling, contact us today for an immediate purchase quote. We also offer trade-in credit toward the purchase of other Cisco IAD 2400 or IAD 2500 Series Integrated Access Devices, Cisco Voice Router configurations, or other Cisco networking equipment, if you are looking to upgrade your VoIP, office or datacenter network.

The Cisco IAD2430 series IADs aggregate multiple channels of data and voice or fax user-side traffic for transport over single or multiple WAN uplinks. Voice or fax traffic is transported by VoIP or by Voice over Asynchronous Transfer Mode (VoATM). All platforms support Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), the signaling protocol H.323, and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

The Cisco IAD2430, Cisco IAD2431, and Cisco IAD2432 series routers consist of five models with a common front panel. The Cisco IAD2435 series router consists of one model (Cisco IAD2435-8FXS) with a different front panel. The Cisco IAD2430, Cisco IAD2431, and Cisco IAD2432 series routers include a slot for the external flash memory card, as well as console, auxiliary, and flash (CF) memory ports. The front panel, labeled "Cisco IAD2400 Series," is identical for all models. However, the back panels, labeled by specific model number, vary considerably, depending on interfaces, ports, and options. Analog voice ports use an RJ-21 interface.

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If you are interested in upgrading from your current Cisco IAD2431-8FXS access devices, or have excess equipment you no longer need, contact us today to receive a generous trade-in credit toward the purchase of alternative Cisco or enterprise voice access, routing and switch gear. Upgrade your network with the Cisco IAD2430, IAD2431, IAD2432 or IAD2435 Integrated Access Device. We also purchase excess inventory of new or used Cisco IAD2431-8FXS VoIP access devices, equipment and accessories, in addition to our trade-in, upgrade and consignment re-marketing programs.

Cisco IAD2431-8FXS Features:

  • 10/100BASE-T LAN connection
  • T1/E1 port connections
  • RJ-21 analog voice interface
  • WAN interface card/voice interface card (WIC/VIC) options
  • External/internal flash memory
  • The Cisco IAD2430 series routers contain flash memory and main memory.
  • Onboard flash memory contains the Cisco IOS software image, boot flash contains the ROMMON boot code, and counterfeit prevention contains the cookie configuration.
  • The default flash memory for the Cisco IAD2430 series IADs is 128 MB. Onboard CPU memory is 256 MB.

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Do you have used, new or excess Cisco networking or other hardware products you are interested in selling, trading or consigning? Contact a buyer agent now, simply complete our quick contact form below, and we'll respond within 24 hours! wants to buy your used, excess or end-of-life Cisco IAD2431-8FXS Integrated Access Devices. If you've simply outgrown your Cisco IAD 2430 8FXS and are interested in a trade-in or upgrade, we can help. Contact us today to sell, consign or trade your unwanted Cisco IAD 2400 Series VoIP Access Devices. Cisco IAD2400 models we purchase include the Cisco IAD2431-8FXS, Cisco IAD2431-16FXS, Cisco IAD2431-1T1E1 and Cisco IAD2432-24FXS.